Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley 

A daredevil risked his life and captured the moment he skipped along the edge of a nearly 900-foot building. 

Nikita Deft, 22, a professional photographer and athlete, from Russia, can be seen skipping on the 885-foot One Tower building in Dubai with the beautiful skyline in the background. 

Nikita said: “I have a lot of boxing experience and skipping is one of the basic elements of boxing. 

“I knew the cost of this stunt and I was very aware of what I was doing. 

“The heat was intense and this did interfere but I just had to improvise. 

“I love to do what for other people consider to be impossible. Something money can’t buy. 

Nikita started doing stunts four years ago and says he is now very confident with heights. 

He said: “I have very good physical training and it’s given me lots of confidence.

“It is a huge release of adrenaline. It’s like your barely standing on your feet.  

“In extreme moments I have to be calm, otherwise it can lead to irreversible consequences.”