Offbeat Video

By Josh Saunders 

Inside the former Rockstar’s mansion turned hotel that went from Deep Purple to mouldy green after being left to rot and decay.

The once-plush property in Wallingford, Oxford, went from the sanctuary of a superstar to an abandoned abode, after rising upkeep costs cause the hotel to close four years ago.  

It was owned by Deep Purple lead singer Ian Gillan and his girlfriend, in 1973, who reportedly spent £443,000 on renovations, including making a guitar-shaped pool.

In 1995, the vast Tudor-style property was turned into The Spring Hotel, named after the several springs that would feed into a local pond on the site.

The former 32-bedroom hotel now lies at rest – coated in a thick layer of dust, with mould and moss amassing on carpets and walls and broken glass covering several window frames. 


Even the mansion’s musical instrument-imitating pool has been affected – no longer with ‘Smoke on the Water’ but instead a putrid green layer of sludge, pond scum and algae. 

Urban explorer Warren Tepper, from Hampshire, visited the property that was originally built in 1874, shared his findings online YouTube channel ‘Warren Urbexing’.

He said: “It’s not every day you get to walk round a Rockstar’s former mansion, so it was very cool on that aspect.

“It did feel like the mansion of a Rockstar because of the guitar shaped swimming pool that Ian had put in – as well as the extravagant wood work throughout the mansion/hotel, it was a shame that it was converted to a hotel.

“The pool looked cool as it was a guitar – that just screams ‘a Rockstar owned me’. 

“I would have loved to see the pool with water in it as that would have been amazing, the wooded fence cut the neck off the guitar. but you could still see the base, which looked really good 


“The woodwork in the place was amazing and the ceiling in the main room was spectacular 

“I really love old wood panelling and the hand carving, I have always appreciated the skill, talent and time that goes into a good bit of woodwork.

“The outside of the building was very cool with an old Tudor look to the mansion.

“I like that it used to be a Rockstar’s mansion and then it became a hotel and spa for the guests at the golf resort.

“But I love exploring mansions as you find very cool things. The art was amazing in this location and I loved this place especially because of its ceiling.

“I heard about the mansion online, I had to visit it very quickly as things don’t stay secret for long in the Urbex community.

“When walking around you can definitely tell that it was used as a hotel as its last use – all the rooms had names, the massive commercial kitchen, the mailboxes and safes for the hotel where still there.

“The things I loved the most would have been there when Ian Gillian would have lived there, like all the wood panels, the very cool hand carved fire places and the stairs.”