Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A tiger shark has frantically risked it’s own life by beaching itself in order to enjoy a meal on a whale carcass. 

Lorrayne Gaymer, 38, captured the frantic moment the 13ft shark, who had just finished his whale meat meal, was spotted on the shore line seemingly panicked whilst attempting to swim back towards the open ocean. 

The 66,000lbs humpbackwhale carcass washed up on Ponta beach, Mozambique, Africa on the morning of September 11th – after providing meals for hundreds of locals, the tiger and bull sharks then took their share of the dead animals meat and blubber. 

Not only attracting locals, the carcass also invited in an estimated 30 tiger sharks, 20 bull sharks and up to 10 dusky sharks and providing entertainment to the local village children who were keen to get close to the sharks whilst they were on the shoreline.