Animals Video

By Krisitania Hall 

A safari guide captured the moment an elephant wandered into the camp in an extremely close encounter. 

Blake Muil, 50, a professional guide from Zimbabwe, was sat next to a guest at the camp, in August this year, when the wild elephant came to take a look around. 

PIC FROM Adventourizim / Blake Muil /Caters News

In the footage, the stunned pair sat still and quiet so as not to disturb the animal, which could have attacked if it was feeling frightened.

Eventually, the elephant calmly walks away. 

Blake said: “I had so many feelings at the same time. 

“I was calm and excited at the same time and honoured that this elephant was so relaxed with us. 

PIC FROM Adventourizim / Blake Muil /Caters News

“It is part of my job to be able to read the signs the animals give us and judge their behaviour. 

“I thought he would just walk off to his left or right but when he took a few steps closer I knew we must stay calm and not make any sudden movements. 

“He gently pulled a light off the tree above my head and put it on the table next to me and then slowly walked off. 

“A once in a lifetime experience.”