By Josh Saunders

Zookeepers ‘horse around’ in hilarious photographs recreating poses of the animals they take care of.

The team at Minnesota Zoo, US, have spent time during breaks and lunches to construct the images that aim to celebrate the work they do.

They aimed to replicate the amusing expressions and positions of the animals they look after drawing much attention online.

Their shots from two-years-ago to now, range from mimicking millipedes, marsupials and macaques to copying camels, munching hay like a horse, imitating seals, sea lions, turtles, otters, and more.

The commented online, ‘Our dedicated zookeepers are starting to resemble the animals in their care.’

They revealed their best of shots from National Zoo Keeper Week (NZKW) – a celebration from the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

Jessica Larios, chair of the NZKW committee, said: “I wanted to give us the opportunity to have fun and be goofy, hoping to foster pride and comradery.

“It was so fun, everyone got really into it and the friendly competition inspired us to go so far above and beyond.

“Our days are extremely busy, so people made time during their breaks and lunch to take their pictures.

“We dedicate our lives to this profession because we’re so passionate about our animals and their message.

“We work hard physically, are tired, dirty and are so invested emotionally, we deal with loss of animals we care so much about.

“That is why it’s so important to recognize these amazing dedicated zoo keepers.

“We’re working so hard to give all of you a glimpse of how incredible these animals are and how we can help to save their wild cousins.”

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