Life Video

By Ben Walley 

This heart-warming video shows the moment one little girl was given a pet puppy hidden in a bucket of KFC.

Lindsay Harris, 37 decided to surprise her daughter Annalease with the French bulldog puppy at her home in Plymouth for her 7th birthday.

Annalease is already a firm animal lover with a pet snake, lizard and two rabbits. 

“She always wanted a pup but I had to save up the funds,” Lindsay said.

Eventually she settled on bulldog puppy Marvel and chose to surprise her daughter with the cute pooch.

“I picked him without telling her and we went in many times to see him before I took him home,” she said.

Hiding Marvel in a bucket of KFC, Annalease was stunned when she came across her new best friend.

“She had no idea at all bless her,” Lindsay said.

“I didn’t expect her to react that way it was very emotional 

“Marvel was brilliant from the start no crying night times a very good dog 

“They both play all the time,it took her a while to get use to him playing a lot and those little baby teeth,they walk together in the park every day.

“French bulldogs are fab dogs and easy to look after,he also alongside the rabbits each day and they eat together.”