Video Viral

By Joe Pagnelli

 A cheeky white van man was caught on camera hurling a small ball of rubbish into the back of a flatbed lorry as the pair paused at traffic lights.

 The sharpshooting driver can be seen pulling behind the lorry and then launching the unidentified ball into the back of the vehicle before casually driving off.

 Oblivious to the litter lout’s accurate shot, the lorry driver drives off down Ardleigh Green Road in Hornchurch, Essex.

Peter Barrett, 46, captured the shameless act on his dashcam as he made his way to the shops at 1pm last Thursday [SEPT 20].

Peter from Hornchurch, Essex, said: “I spotted it immediately as he was right next to me, and it was quite clear what he had done.

“This isn’t the correct way to get rid of your rubbish.

 “It was a bit naughty and cheeky to throw his rubbish into that car. It was an amazing shot, but you shouldn’t be doing that.

 “I thought it was a good shot, and it was a bit of a giggle, but straight away thought that was a little bit naughty.”

The retired civil servant has captured many instances of littering in the six years he’s owned a dashcam – mostly cigarettes thrown out of windows – but never littering into another vehicle. 

Peter, who builds rockets in his spare time, said: “I’ve seen littering a few times, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen someone littering into another truck. I don’t know if there’s much you can do to stop this.

“People are a bit too casual when it comes to littering. It seems people can’t be bothered to find a bin, but hopefully we can change this attitude.

“If I had to throw something away while driving, I’d wait until I got home and throw it in the bin.

“To people who want to litter or throw their litter into another car, I’d just say to them ‘don’t do it’.”