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By Aliki Kraterou

A little boy completed the 92’ challenge by visiting all of the 92 football league stadiums in the UK at just seven-years-old.

Liam Priday, along with his dad Christopher, 33, an assets manager, visited the Moss Rose stadium, home to Macclesfield Town F.C last Saturday [September 15] completing the three-year journey to watch matches at each of the 92 Premier League and Football League grounds.

Pic from Caters News: Liam Priday, 7 at Coventry city Ricoh Arena.

Pic from Caters News: Liam Priday, 7 at Arsenal Emirates Stadium

Liam from Havant, Hampshire, was given the chance to walk out with the Macclesfield Town players during his 259th football ground visit. 

In total, Liam has been to approximately 285 football games.

Dad, Christopher, said: “There are many people that have attempted the 92’ challenge but I don’t think there are many seven-year-olds that have succeeded.

“I am a big football fan so I started taking him with me to games in 2013 when he was about two-years-old at the time.

Pic from Caters News: Liam Priday, 7 at Bradford City Northern Commercial Stadium.

“I was worried at first but he looked like he actually enjoyed it and gradually I started taking him to more small-level games and it built up.

“In 2015 he sat down throughout an entire game, in Southampton, he only started to sleep during half-time.

“I was trying to pass down my passion and I’m lucky it worked, Liam is a bit obsessive now.”

Liam is now a big Manchester United fan. 

Pic from Caters News: Liam Priday, 7 at Sunderlands Stadium of Light

His dad added:

“Liam wanted to keep doing the challenge because like myself, he enjoys seeing different places, he likes seeing how different grounds look and he likes getting souvenirs from each game. 

Even though Liam and Christopher enjoy these moments together- Christopher’s partner, Dawn, 32 actually hates football, only having been to one game.

That means that father and son get to enjoy their beloved sport and create memories on a weekly basis, travelling by train and using their railcards.

Although Christopher is a Cambridge United fan, Liam is leaning towards his second team, Manchester United, after being persuaded by his grandad.

Pic from Caters News: Liam Priday, 7 at Manchester City Etihad Stadium

Chistopher said: “That’s probably because of his grandad, my dad is a Manchester United fan- I am slightly disappointed but still I prefer it than supporting any other random team like Chelsea for example.

“It has been a great experience, we have some many nice memories and if money wasn’t an issue I would definitely do it all over again, 100%.

“Liam’s favourite grounds would be the Manchester United of course and Wembley since it’s the biggest one he has ever been.

“There has been some rumour that the 92 is going to be changed to 100. I have always wanted to achieve it so I was in a rush to do so before changing it.”