Animals Video

By Katy Gill

A mischievous kitten has been caught causing CAT-astrophic damage to a FIFTH set of blinds belonging to her generous cat sitter.

Robert Cull, 28, caught the adventurous kitten, Velcro, tangled in another brand new set of blinds on September 16 at his home in Pennsylvania, United States.


Though remaining paw-sitive, the engineer can be heard referring to the six-month old kitten as a “monster” whilst holding back the laughter at the kitten’s tangled predicament. 

In the amusing footage, tangled Velcro is stuck among the slats of the Venetian blinds before scrambling to make her way out and back to the bed.

Robert, who is three weeks into a six-week stint of cat sitting for his dad, claims this is the fifth set of blinds the rescue kitty has destroyed – but he has no regrets and said he would love to look after her again.

He said: “Velcro is truly bringing joy back to my life – she is a little monster but I am having a blast looking after her.


“I am looking after her for my father and step-mother whilst they are on holiday and, due to a typhoon, they are having to stay put for a further two weeks.

“She has been keeping me up at night by climbing up the blinds behind my headboard and then tapping me with her paws, as if to seek attention.

“Her behavior doesn’t surprise me at all – this is in total keeping with her personality.”

Since posting the videos online, Rob has received more than 49,000 views and many comments of joy from fellow cat owners, who have related to his situation.

The kitten was rescued when she was around five-months old and was named Velcro shortly after due to her ability to stick to everything and everyone she touched due to her sharp claws.