Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This baby zebra had been alive mere seconds before two zookeepers had to spring into action and save it from drowning. 

Observing a birth at Bioparc Valencia in Spain, two keepers quickly became concerned as the foal struggled to get to its feet after being born, accidentally stumbling into a watering hole. 

The incident noticeably panicked its nearby mother, but quick-thinking keepers quickly leaped into action, diving into the water as the baby zebra desperately flailed to keep its head above the water on September 5th. 

The worried mother – named La Niña – also scrambled towards the water but hesitated as the keepers got closer. 

La Nine lunged towards the keepers in a bid to protect her baby, but thankfully the two workers escaped unscathed and are able to hoist the foal back to dry land. 

The mother immediately ran to comfort her offspring, gently licking him as the crowd cheered at the successful rescue. 

Spokesperson for Bioparc Valencia, Pepa Crespo, said: “We are very glad and very proud [of the keepers].

“Not only for this heroic episode, but for their daily effort and commitment. 

“Zebras try to stand up immediately after being born.

“This one slipped into the water straight away. 

“[Without the workers’ help] the baby would have drowned as it was still too weak to get itself out of the moat. 

“Adult zebras can be very aggressive, especially when protecting their offspring.

“They’re both doing perfectly well – no additional treatment was necessary, just close monitoring.”