Life Video

By Sarah Francis

An adorable girl who lost her eye to cancer has been gifted a toy bunny with a missing eye.

Three year old Brynn from Kimberly, Idaho, USA, had her left eye removed after being diagnosed with a rare tumour.

Her mum Danielle Munger, 29, was alarmed when the tot began to comment on her own appearance.

Hoping she would learn to love her differences, the doting mum contacted a toy maker and commissioned a bunny rabbit ‘as perfect and beautiful as she is’.

Doll maker, Sebastian Design, created the special bunny for Brynn who fell in love with the gift and named her Sparkle.


Danielle, stay at home mum, said: “I spotted the dolls on Facebook and I thought they were so cute.

“Brynn loves animals so I sent Jessica a message and asked if could design one for Brynn’s upcoming birthday.

“She was so excited to open it and show it off.

“Then she noticed the bunny only had one eye, it was so great for her to have a doll that’s unqiue and special. She’s named it sparkle.”

When Brynn turned one in 2015, the family noticed her left eyelid was dropping, then a couple of days later it was red and swollen.

Doctors told the mum of two it was undifferentiated sarcoma and surgery was necessary.

However, the rare cancer grew back three times and required three surgeries until the parents made the difficult decision to remove her eye.


Danielle said: “Unfortunately we had to make the choice to remove her eye and everything in that orbit that the tumour had touched.

“The surgeon took skin from her leg and performed a safe wound on her eye.

“That was the hardest decision I have ever had to make – I felt like a failure.

“I saw my baby struggle but there was so much good. She’s such a strong kiddo.

“The outpouring of love has been amazing and I am just amazing by how she can go through and how much I can, too.”


Danielle hopes her daughter’s new doll will help her learn to love and accept her differences.

She said: “There’s only been one negative incident a few months ago but she knows she is different.

“She was comparing her face with mine and just starting to ask questions.

“I just wanted to give her this as I had read that kids really respond.

She added: “I am so grateful for Brynn – it’s beautiful story, so much life and courage.”

Jessica Sebastian, who is known as Auntie Jessa, said: “It was honestly both amazing and humbling to be able to do this for Danielle.


“The whole reason I started making dolls is because I have two girls and I wanted them to have dolls that looked like them.

“So when Danielle asked if I could make a doll who looked like her daughter, I just decided I couldn’t say no. And she was so sweet and excited about it.

“Getting the pictures from her and also a cute video from her daughter hugging it was quite honestly one of the best things I’ve ever seen. She seems like such a sweet, kind person.”

To see more of Jessica’s work visit @sebastiandesign.