By Kim Reader

A mum has captured incredible snaps of an ‘orphaned’ fawn that visits a field of horses every day to groom and play with his foal friend.

The young male fallow deer emerges from woodland on the edge of the field in Harlow, Essex, every morning to frolic with the bay foal – and spend time with his ‘adoptive’ horse family.


In stunning shots, taken by Chinara Djumanalieva who has visited the paddock a few times this week, the fawn and foal are seen following each other round before affectionately nuzzling and preening each other.

And the adorable duo aren’t the only ones with a heartwarming relationship as mum-of-three Chinara, 53, has also captured the fawn developing a loving bond with the foal’s mother.

As the youngsters appear to be less than a year old and the deer is never with his mum, Chinara believes the horses have taken on the responsibility of ‘protecting’ h

Artist Chinara from Harlow, Essex, said: “He’s a young wild fallow deer. I don’t know what happened to his mum but he is under the protection of the horses now. It looks like they’ve adopted him.

“Every early morning he comes out of the wood next to the field to play with the foal and stays until the late evening.


“I think the deer and the foal are around the same age and they’re so gentle with each other. They have a beautiful friendship and they’re so funny.

“The adult horses are very, very patients with the deer too and he’s so relaxed with them.

“When I was there someone once walked past the field with a barking dog and the deer ran to the mother horse for her to keep him safe.

“It’s absolutely jaw-dropping to watch. The first time I went there, I was amazed. I have never seen anything like it

“Everyone who has seen the photos just can’t believe it – they are completely wowed.”


A painter with a passion for wildlife, Chinara decided to pick up photography three years ago to provide her with inspiration for her artwork.

Chinara said: “I have always loved widlife. It’s why I started getting into photography.

“I have always painted animals but I kept having to ask photographers for permission to paint from their photos so I decided to start taking my own.

“Now I love going for walks and visiting nature reserves to take pictures of all the wildlife.”