Animals Video

Incredible footage shows a kayaker coming across a staggering variety of marine wildlife including dolphins, manatees and rays.

The footage was shot by Michael McCarthy, a resident of Florida, while aboard a transparent canoe.

Developed by Michael in 2007, the See Through Canoe seems to have a calming affect on marine wildlife, allowing the user to get up close and personal with them.

“The canoe doesn’t cast a shadow, it doesn’t spook the wildlife you want to see. Most animals associate a large shadow passing over them with a predator. ”

“I come across all sorts of marine life in the canoe. Marine mammals seem particularly curious about it.”

“About 70% of the time that I see dolphins, they come over to check out the canoe & often swim along with it for a little while. Manatees are also very curious about the transparent canoe.”

“Sea turtles seem very indifferent to the canoe, as do sharks.”

Growing up in Florida Michael spent his childhood visiting every river possible and constantly encountered with marine wildlife.

He decided to express his passion for wildlife and the water by creating a transparent canoe.

“I feel as though marine mammals seem to find the see through canoe interesting because it provides them a window into our world, just as it provides us a window into theirs.”