Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe

This cheeky monkey has bagged himself a free ride by climbing on top of a car.  

Vicki Sandman and her husband Rob were left in hysterics while visiting the Kruger National Park, South Africa, after spotted the baboon.  

The couple from Queensland, Australia, have visited the park several times- but never came across to something that hilarious before. 

Vicki said: “Although we have visited many reserves and parks through Africa, self-driving in Kruger National Park is our favourite since we became hooked over ten years ago.

“This particular lazy baboon had already tried to climb on the back of our vehicle but could not get a grip, – then as the other vehicle went past, it was clearly much easier for him to climb up and make himself at home on the car roof as you can see. 

“He was simply holding on to the racks, looking extremely relaxed and then easily jumped off once he caught up to the rest of his family.  

“It really did seem that he was too lazy to walk along to road to get to his mates, so just hitched a ride.”