By Jamie Smith

These beautiful interactions between kids and animals look like something out of a fairytale – from a child kissing a sheep to a group of youngsters playing with a duck – but have a dark secret.

Rarindra Prakarsa, a full-time photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured the impressive images in the West Java province of his home country.

Pic by Rarinda Prakarsa/Caters News

The 45-year-old, who has been working in photography for more than 25 years, said he has snapped the idyllic scenes over three generations meaning he has seen countless local children grow up.

But Rarindra said due to the rise of smartphones he sees less and less children playing outdoors, even in these rural locations.

Pic by Rarinda Prakarsa/Caters News

Rarindra said: “I started to take pictures in these places and it has continued until now – through three generations of children.

“A few years after I took their picture, they are not children anymore, they have become teenagers and some even work somewhere nearby.

Pic by Rarinda Prakarsa/Caters News

“These places are near to my home in the big city of Jakarta, where I can still find the simple life.

“You see locals washing their clothes in the river, kids playing among rubber trees and women cook with clay furnaces. It is a very simple and peaceful place.

“I love the West Java area since it is located higher, which means its always hazy – it creates a more mystical and dramatic atmosphere.

Pic by Rarinda Prakarsa/Caters News 

“I capture kids enjoying their outdoor activities, as it used to be like this all the time even five years ago.

“But now smartphones have made them be more passive, favouring indoor activities.

“I still remember when I first came to the river eight years ago, I found kids swimming and jumping and wash their bicycles there, but now there are less and less children.

“It doesn’t capture my childhood 100 per cent, but it is actually similar to how I remember my happiness when I was a kid.

Pic by Rarinda Prakarsa/Caters News

“I didn’t live in village but I live in outskirts of Jakarta, where we have a lot of green and open places to camp and play soccer and with kites, or we would just lie down on the grass watching the moving clouds.”