Amazing Video

BY Katy Gill

 A fearless adrenaline junkie has freefallen out of a plane on a motorised scooter – a trick that took a staggering two years to plan and only 40 seconds to complete.

Daring Gunter Schachermayr, 40, undertook the stunt on a Vespa scooter high above a private airfield in Spitzerberg, Vienna, in early May. 

PICS BY Gunter Schachermayr / CATERS NEWS

The stuntman strategically planned every detail of the freefall – from the moment he exited the plane, which had to be quick so to not hit the tail of the aircraft and cause catastrophic damage, to the chances the of the bike falling apart whilst 4,000 metres in the air.

In the stomach-churning footage, Gunter can be seen sat on his scooter whilst repeatedly turning upside down, surrounded by blue sky seconds before breaking through a layer of cloud.

Having reached what he deemed a safe distance from the ground, Gunter then separated from the vehicle before parachuting to safety.

Austrian native Gunter said: “I’ve always been looking for unprecedented stunts, and after concluding that there will never be a license to jump out of a plane with a vehicle, I just went for it. 

PICS BY Gunter Schachermayr / CATERS NEWS

“The preparation and planning took two years; whereas the stunt itself lasted only 40 seconds, as I was travelling at 350 kilometers-per-hour.

“I was not scared, and certainly not nervous.” 

The Vespa had been drained of any gasoline prior to the stunt and had its own parachute system fitted to minimise damage on impact.

Father-of-two Gunter added: “There is nothing easy or certain when you’re in the air. 

PICS BY Gunter Schachermayr / CATERS NEWS

“Anyone that has ever skydived using a parachute knows that every little movement on the body, hands, arms or feet can bring you into a difficult fall position, resulting in fatality.

“When I landed on the ground, I was, of course, very happy that my crew, my accompanying staff, the cameramen and myself had all landed safely back on to ground.

“The result of the freefall was 100 percent satisfactory.”

Gunter is said to be in the midst of planning ‘the craziest motorcycle stunt ever completed,’ which is due to be undertaken by 2024.