By Jamie Smith

This speckled pink hippopotamus became the main attraction for tourists when it popped up to say hello.

Jonas Stenqvist, 39, who is a producer and nature photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden, snapped the remarkable Hippo while on photo safari on the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya.

Pic By Jonas Stenqvist/Caters News 

The rare eye-catching grey and pink Hippo is likely to suffer from Leucism which affects the colour of the skin which Jonas was lucky enough to spot.

Jonas said: “We had stopped for breakfast along the Mara river and were watching the hippos when the pink one appeared.

“We were on the Maasai Mara for a photographic safari during the Great Migration.

Pic By Jonas Stenqvist/Caters News 

“I was lying flat on the ground waiting for breakfast and watching the hippos at the same time.

“Everything happened very fast and was over in just a few seconds, but I was really happy afterwards that I had been able to capture it.

Pic By Jonas Stenqvist/Caters News 

The pink Hippo is probably which causes the pigmentation of cells in an animal to not develop fully and the result of which makes them prone to sunburn and extra visible to predators.