Offbeat Video

By Kim Reade

A gym instructor was left spooked after video he filmed in a ‘haunted’ castle appeared to show a ghostly grey figure lurking in a shadowy window.

In the eerie footage from September 8, there seems to be something moving in the window before suddenly a figure appears – complete with what look like glowing eyes.

Tony Ferguson tried to debunk his ‘scary’ encounter as another visitor to Hurst Castle, Hampshire, playing a prank but discovered that the window is only accessible through a tunnel ‘as narrow as a snooker cue’.

The 33 year old now believes the apparition to be the spirit of a former castle caretaker that he also encountered on a previous visit to the 16th century artillery fort in 2017.

Personal trainer Tony from Southampton, Hampshire, said: “I didn’t see the figure until I watched the footage back but the whole time I was in the castle I felt something watching me.

“While we were there I really felt like something was following me from room to room but your mind can play tricks on you so I tried to ignore it.

“But when I watched the video back I was shocked. It’s quite a scary looking figure.

“My immediate reaction was to try to debunk it and find out if it could have just been a person but that window is connected to another window by a tunnel.

“The tunnel is so narrow you could barely fit a snooker cue down it so it’s impossible for a person to be down there.

“I just knew something had been in the room with me and to see it manifest itself like that is incredible.

“I think it is the same spirit I encountered before at the castle. Last time I visited, it appeared like a white mist but this time it obviously had the energy to actually take form.

“When I encountered the spirit before I was with Paul, a psychic medium, and we worked out that it is the ghost of a caretaker who used to work at the castle.”

On his prior visit to the castle, which was established by Henry VIII between 1541 and 1544, Tony and psychic medium Paul Cissell had a series of spine-tingling encounters with an eerie white mist.

In the footage from 2017, the mist seems to fly straight at Tony’s camera and take the shape of a hand.

Before the historical site closes for the winter months, Tony decided to visit one more time – and after meeting the ‘ghostly caretaker’ again feels it was ‘meant to be’.

Tony said: “When I last visited the castle, Paul was in the other room and I was trying to communicate with something. I had felt something come into the room with me.

“I was asking it to show itself and this white mist flew straight at my camera. You can see it almost reaching out like a hand.

“It was amazing but also really weird and quite frightening. Paul told me the spirit was once the keeper of the castle and he was angry that we were there.

“After that experience, I knew I needed to return to the castle again. It always closes for the winter months and I couldn’t wait until next year so I went back last weekend.

“I went in and I was calling out for him to show himself again. I told him that if he could manifest himself for me it could be good for the castle – and he did.

“I’m really glad I made the effort to go back, it feels like it was meant to be.”