Video Viral

By Randal Coomb

Hilarious footage has emerged showing the moment an airboat pushes a broken-down truck to the nearest petrol station.

When his car ran out of diesel, Brett Usher decided to test out the power of his air boat to see if it could push the truck to the nearest station.

And much to the surprise of himself and passers-by, the boat successfully pushed the vehicle until it arrived at the petrol station.

Brett said: “We went for an airboat ride earlier that day with family and friends and we were on the 30 minute drive back home.

“On the way I realised that I forgot to get diesel before I left and hoped to make it all of the way to the gas station, but that didn’t quite happen.

“As we got closer to our destination the truck started to hesitate and then finally came to a complete stop about 5 miles away from our final destination. 

“I called my step dad but at that moment I was tired of sitting on the side of the road so I told my girlfriend to hop into the driver’s seat of the truck while I got onto the airboat to fire it up to see if the airboat would push the truck.

“She looked at me like I was out of mind but she went ahead and did it anyways. 

“The airboat actually pushed the truck very easily, it took not even a minute to get the truck rolling to about 45 mph. 

“It took us around 15 minutes to arrive at the gas station. 

“Several people passed and wondered what was going on and as we were pulling into the gas station we passed a sheriff who was staring at us like we were nuts.

“I don’t think he was very sure what was going on but he kept going without asking any questions!”