Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This inventive photographer really is shooting from the wrist, as he successfully managed to turn a broken vintage camera into a wristwatch capable of taking actual shots.

Photographer Alireza Rostami paced together his one-of-a-kind invention that, rather than telling the time, simply allows him to freeze it, using the parts of a discarded Chinese Seagull TLR camera. 

CATERS NEWS: Chinese Seagull TLR camera (for referance)

Having taken the camera apart, the photographer – who is based in Iran – worked on designs that would allow him to reuse the shutter mechanism from the camera.

Taking the camera apart and then piecing back together this mechanism, Alireza, 33, was able to create a watch-shaped device, which he then mounted to a leather strap.

Having created a watch-like design, the next step was to make the device take pictures themselves.

PIC FROM ALIREZA ROSTAMI / CATERS: Watch created from vintage camera parts

In order to do so, Alireza loaded custom-cut circular pieces of film into the back of the shutter mechanism – which can either be operated manually, or using a built-in timer mechanism.

The results have been coin-sized images that, when flipped using Photoshop, depict the likes of furniture, a home, and a garden.

Alireza said he discussed the watch idea with his friends first, as they considered turning the camera into a pair of photographic glasses.

PIC FROM ALIREZA ROSTAMI / CATERS: Images taken using the watch.

No wanting to look like The Terminator, though, the 33-year-old settled on a piece of jewellery for his wrist.

Alireza said: “I bought the camera from a photographer after he had broken it.

“The shutter had a problem and was not work, so others were not able to fix it.

“It was broken and they could not find more parts.

PIC FROM ALIREZA ROSTAMI / CATERS: Images taken using the watch

“I thought of reverse engineering and looked at the shutter, as that’s the important piece. 

“It thought I could still go out on the street and take pictures.

“I like to call it the Gadget Shutter, Watch Shutter or Watch Camera, so it has three possible names.”