Video Viral

By David Aspinall 

All parents will be able to relate to this comedian reeling off all the things he’s fed up of repeating to his kids.

David A. Arnold caught himself saying the same things over and over again to his children including the classics ‘because I said so, that’s why’ and ‘does this look clean to you’.

In words that’ll ring bells in all parents’ ears, like ‘it’s time for bed, I’m not going to say it again’, the New York dad to Anna-Grace, 13, and Ashlyn, 11, really says it like it is.

David’s video really struck a chord as it has notched up more than 580,000 views in just over two weeks.

He said: “I might be a comedian but first I’m a parent and I live inside my head and realised I kept repeating myself.

“The reaction I’ve had to the video shows its really hit a nerve.”