Video Viral

 By Hayley Pugh

Shocking new footage shows the moment a man ‘waving a meat cleaver’ appeared to set fire to a city centre bank – as eyewitnesses claim he shouted ‘I want my money’.

A 16-year-old boy filmed the dramatic scenes in Hull today [TUES] and claimed the man was heard demanding money before swinging the meat cleaver at police.

Humberside Police were called to the Santander and Barclays banks in King Edward Street at 1pm today after reports a man was carrying a bladed weapon and had set fire to a liquid believed to be petrol.

The force said a man was arrested at Paragon Interchange and is now in custody and confirmed no one has been seriously injured.

Eyewitness Declan Roberts was on the way to college with his friend when he saw the man inside Santander.

The 16-year-old, from Hull, said: “I was with my mate Sam, we were on the way back to college when I heard a woman say there was a man in the bank with a meat cleaver.

“Next thing I saw was him come to the front door, he was waving the cleaver around and throwing petrol all over the floor.

 “We could hear him shouting ‘I want my money, I want my money.’

“I didn’t see him light a match but he must of done because it went up in flames.

 “We kept our distance because we just didn’t know what he was capable of.

 “The next minute he ran into Barclays and tried to do the same there.

 “Customers were running out crying. There were women with babies in pushchairs, it must have been really scary for them.

 “The police approached him with fire extinguishers and he starting swinging the meat cleaver at the police.

 “He even whacked a police car with it. He managed to get away on foot at first but I think they managed to catch him in the train station in the end.”

Chief Superintendent Phill Ward, Humberside Police’s North Bank Commander, said: “We are mindful of the public’s concern that these types of incidents may be related to terrorism, however there is nothing to suggest that this is anything other than an isolated incident.

“It has been dealt with promptly by the responding police and emergency services, and I want to offer reassurance that our priority at all times is the safety of the public.”