Offbeat Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran


The hilarious video shows all the ways this man has tried to stop his friend from gaming- from hitting him with a tennis ball to supergluing his controllers.

Marty recorded the reactions of his friend Michael at his home in Brisbane, Australia, over the course of four months.  

Apparently Michael games a lot- he plays Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite, GTA, FIFA, and Crash Bandicoot, while his mate Marty isn’t much of a gamer and he gets bored.

What he does to overcome his boredom though is to find new ways to stop his friend from gaming.

Marty said: “The reaction has been mostly positive and people generally think it’s funny but there have been a few people who are shocked at the footage- probably other hard core gamers. 

“Also, I bought Michael a brand new PS4 and had it waiting in my car after I destroyed his PS3 with a nail gun.”