By Mikey Jones

These adorable tiger cubs certainly earned their stripes after getting their jabs.

The cute Sumatran Tigers snarled and growled at medics as they tried to administer vaccines during a routine check up at the Jihlava Zoo in the Czech Republic.

PIC BY Vladimr ech / CATERS NEWS 

The two-month-old kittens were also dewormed and chipped at the appointment while photographer Vladimír Čech captured the milestone moment.

The 30-year-old said: “The two girls didn’t really like the doctor but the course of the event was fortunately smooth, fast and trouble-free.

PIC BY Vladimr ech / CATERS NEWS

“Sumatran tigers are very rare and the cubs were so cute but the process was very quick so I didn’t have time for much emotion.

“This particular zoo has had a birth boom this year with cats both big and small.

PIC BY Vladimr ech / CATERS NEWS 

“I was honoured to have the opportunity to shoot this moment.”