Life Video

By Andrew Kao

This video shows the moment a hero police officer rescued a trapped child from being sucked into a tunnel in a dangerously flooded creek.

According to Jackson Police Department, patrol officer Kyle Henning came across a child who was in danger of being trapped in a tunnel after being caught in the strong current of a flooded creek.

Running to scene, Officer Henning jumped into the perilous waters and ‘bear hugged’ the child to set him free.

The footage shows the officer battling to save the child with a group of residents before eventually freeing him.

A spokesman for Jackson Police Department said: “Officer Henning saw several adults attempting to pull a child that runs through the Green Valley property. The nine-year-old child was playing in the flood waters when the strong current pulled the child completely under water and he was unable to free himself from being sucked into the culvert that runs under the road.”

“Officer Henning immediately ran to assist three adults that had noticed the child in distress and came to assist. The four adults were initially unable to pull the child out of the water due to the strong current. Officer Henning laid in the water and wrapped the child in a ‘bear hug’ and with the assistance of the bystanders was able to pull the child from the water.

“The child was uninjured”.