Offbeat Video

By Luke Kenton

Stop, collaborate, and listen to this hilarious dad-to-be’s ingenious Vanilla Ice parody pregnancy announcement.

Channelling his inner 90’s rapper, Glenn Romero, from Melrose, Massachusetts, USA, has a very special announcement for his friends and family, but decides against the conventional post of Facebook.

Clad in a yellow trilby, shutter shades and ‘bling’, the Berklee College of Music graduate raises the bar for viral video announcements, along with wife Lindsay, as they re-create Vanilla Ice’s iconic ‘Ice Baby’ video for the occasion.

Aptly named ‘Our First Baby’, the couple of 12 years hilariously rap to the beat, quipping about the challenges of parenthood that soon await them, from stinky nappies to crayon stains on the walls.

Glenn, a video producer, said: “The reaction to our video locally has been astounding.

“We’re now known as the ‘baby announcement’ couple in our town, which is very funny.

“I’ve been making videos now for around eight years, and I have a musical background, so I thought this would be a really funny way to share our news with everyone.

“The reaction was so good, I’ve started my own YouTube channel Daddy’s Daycare, to keep documenting our journey.

“We’re going to have to up our game when baby number two comes along.”

The video was shot in April 2016 – but only just uploaded to YouTube – and Glenn and Lindsay welcomed baby Ashton six months ago, and Glenn can’t wait until he’s old enough to duet with.

Glenn said: “Duetting with my son would be a dream come true, I hope he has inherited my love for music.”