Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This French Bulldog makes crazy howling sounds whenever he isn’t allowed to go for walkies.

Rico the frisky Frenchy is often put on a timeout by owner Jordan Watkins as he can lash out with his and his partner’s two other dogs making them anxious.

Thus, Rico is kept at home, but whenever he sees the other pooches leaving the house he begins to make this hilarious high pitched squeal and manically moves his legs.

Even when the door is closed to the home in Alamo, California, USA, Rico’s screams can be heard through the door while Jordan can’t contain his laughter.

Jordan said: “Rico does this every single time he is left out of going on a walk.

“My other two dogs get really excited before they go out.

“As soon as they start to leave out the door he’ll start making those sounds.

“He also will start howling like a wolf it’s super weird.

“I didn’t even know dogs could that kind of noise, I think it’s funny as hell.

“He is not the best to take on walks so we have to take him separately at more remote times.”