Life Video

By Charlotte Regen

The incredibly emotional moment was captured, where this young man found the perfect way to end his treatment- by proposing to his partner.

Matthew Williams, 25, an outpatients clerk has had seven rounds of chemotherapy since March, battling stage 4 Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma- all this time his girlfriend Bethany Davies, 23, stood by his side, so he decided to propose.

The proposal took place on the 10th of August, at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust- Matthew was clearly stressed, until Bethany said the ‘yes’.

She said: “We have been together for two and a half years- we went to primary school together and lived in the same area, we have met in a gym when we were 15 and 17 but we finally got together when we were 21 and 23.

“Matthew has had seven rounds of chemotherapy, which led to a complete gastrectomy and splenic artery rupture.

“It has been a tiring, long process and turned our whole lives upside down -it has had its challenging moments but has brought everyone closer together.

“It has made our relationship so much stronger- we are closer than ever, the whole process has taught us more patience and admiration for one another.

“My reaction to the proposal was that I was in shock- I couldn’t stop shaking.

“We haven’t set a date as Matt still needs further surgery and we have a big family holiday in 2020- it will be after then.”

Mat doesn’t hide that he was particularly nervous before proposing. He said:

“I knew I was going to propose for a long time but I didn’t know how I wanted to do it -after seeing how supportive Beth was during my treatment I knew it would be perfect to propose when ringing the bell.

“It didn’t take me long to find the ring- it was one of the first rings I looked at and I knew it was perfect.

“I was really happy to end my treatment on such a happy note.

“We are both extremely excited and can’t wait to get into planning everything.”

The couple also want to pass along a message for other people that might have health issues. They said:

“If anyone ever feels something is wrong go with your instinct- do not ever let any health professional tell you that you are too young for it to be anything bad.

“Mat is living proof you are not too young. “

Bethany added: “His strength and determination has amazed me throughout his journey- this chapter of his journey is complete but it isn’t over yet, he is still awaiting further surgery and test results.”