Nature Video

By Taniya Dutta

An Indonesian videographer has captured a breathtaking time lapse of a dramatic lightening storm over active volcano Mount Sinbaung.

The astounding footage was documented by Lana Priatna, 27, after a wait of 12 hours in extreme conditions, heavy rains and thick fog earlier this year.

Pic By LANA PRIATNA/ CATERS NEWS: At 7:58 p.m Mount Sinabung which was initially bright and clear was suddenly covered with guest cloud swarms and lightning

The intrepid videographer, who hails from Medan City, had travelled for three hours on his motorbike over hills and winding roads to reach a point from where he could see the incredible moment first hand.

Lana said: “I constantly checked weather forecasts and was happy to find out that strong winds and lightening would struck over Mount Sinabung on April 28 and 29.

“I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if lightning struck the top of Mount Sinabung, an active volcano in Indonesia, will it look red?

“I know how if lightning strikes, many people run inside their houses or close their eyes and ears, avoiding sound and light.

“But I wanted to see all this first hand.”

Pic By LANA PRIATNA/ CATERS NEWS: Soon the heavy clouds took over Mount Sinbaung with dramatic lightening storm

On April 28, Lana left for Karo district at 6am to find the perfect shooting points.

After three hours, he decided on a point of reference in the of Tiga Pancur village from where he would witness the incredible phenomenon and also record it on his Nikon D600 50 mm lens f.

Lana said: “Around 10:50am, I started taking pictures of Mount Sinabung that looked healthy in collaboration with a clear sky.

“I kept paying attention to the shapes of the cloud that always changed.

“For a moment it looked like a bird’s face and then it turned into a mushroom as if it would eat up Mount Sinabung. I waited there patiently for the weather to change.”

Finally, at 7:58pm. Lana saw Mount Sinabung suddenly covered with cloud swarms and lightning.

Pic By LANA PRIATNA/ CATERS NEWS: Lana Priatna, the photographer, witnessed the clouds changing shape into a birds face then into a mushroon

He said: “At first I didn’t expect that I would get to witness this expensive spectacle. At 8:58pm I chose to record the incredible moment using time lapse. I recorded it until 9:05pm.

“I wasn’t scared and waited there for some more time but I didn’t use cellphones when it was lightening.

“I know photographing this phenomenon is not easy as lightning is so fast, so it was like if a light painter is casting light on itself.”