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An IT worker who dropped more than 180 pounds (12st, 12lb) eating McDonald’s, pizza and Cheetos is now training others to do the same. 

Anthony Brown, 34, of Riverside, California, USA, who had been overweight for 13 years, decided to weigh himself after a family health scare.


After spending more than a decade eating 8,000 calories a day, he found out his sister Ashley, 30, had diabetes and decided to step on a scale with a 375-pound (26st, 11lb) capacity, which gave him an “error” message. 

After a month of a clean diet that included oatmeal, grilled chicken and vegetables, he ditched the healthy way of life and decided smaller portions of fast food and snacks was a better tactic.  

Eating 2,000 calories a day of some of his favourites and spending no more than one hour a day in the gym, the 6’5 dad-of-one got down to 194 pounds (13st, 12lb) in two years.     

Now weighing 208 pounds (14st, 12lb), he is training other overweight men and women to shed their fat by following the same diet.  


The method has helped several people lose fat, including Nick who dropped 85 pounds (6st, 6lb) in nine months and a mum named Monica who got rid of 22 pounds (1st, 8lb) two months after her pregnancy. 

Anthony said: “If my sister was sick and I was bigger than her, I feared that I could be sick too. I knew I had to start doing something different.

“I hadn’t weighed myself in years. My friend had a scale that went up to 375 pounds and I thought that would definitely work for me, but it just said ‘error.’  

“It was so hard to accept that I weighed over 375 pounds.

“I had a clean diet for a month and I was already getting the urge to binge. That was when I ditched the healthy diet and realized that if I ate normal portions of my favorite foods, I wouldn’t get those urges.     

“My weight was dropping every week and I was still able to eat so many delicious meals. It was amazing. 


“Some people need 2,000 calories to maintain their weight, but since I weighed so much, eating 2,000 calories meant losing two pounds a week. 

“I basically started working out to make sure I wouldn’t get stuck with excess skin. I didn’t spend much time in the gym though and I still don’t. It’s just not the type of person I am. 

“I love helping others lose weight because I understand exactly what they’re going through. If anyone is going to understand their struggle, it’s going to be me.” 

Anthony, who used to eat an entire pizza for dinner every night, has noticed a number of benefits since shedding nearly half his body weight.

The life-changing journey has gotten rid of his back pain, given him more energy and caused his confidence to skyrocket.   

The chiseled dad has noticed that people are nicer to him now, he gets more attention from women and his friends have stopped calling by the nickname “big guy.” 

Anthony said: “One thing I really hated was being called big guy. I’ve always been tall, but I know that’s not the reason they were calling me that. 


“When I was younger, I used to get a lot of female attention and once I gained weight it just stopped. Once I lost weight, it started coming back.  

Now that he has been a healthy weight for six years, Anthony has started to experiment with different dieting methods, such as eating one large meal a day. 

He said: “Sometimes I’ll have nothing but a cup of coffee for breakfast, very low calorie snacks throughout the day and then a 1,600-calorie dinner at 7:00 p.m. 

“Some people don’t like the idea of that, but I really like it and it’s been working.” 

Anthony added that working as a part-time personal trainer has helped him just as much as it’s helped his clients because it keeps him driven to stay in shape. 

He said: “Now that I’m basically finished with my journey, helping them is my motivation to stay in shape.

“It has kept me in tact. As long as I’m training someone, I know that I can’t let myself go.”   


Diet before: 

 Breakfast: Three McDonald’s McGriddle sandwiches and two hash browns

Snacks: Several bags of potato chips or Cheetos and candy 

Beverages: Nine to ten cans of soda

Lunch: Burger and fries 

Dinner: An entire large pizza 

 Diet after: 

 Breakfast: Greek yogurt and oatmeal

Beverages: One protein shake and water 

Lunch: Ham and cheese wrap

Dinner: two dinner rolls and two slices of pizza

Dessert: Protein infused ice cream