Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

These two men were in the middle of performing some amazing juggling skills with knives while one of them got a bit distracted – thankfully no one was badly hurt. 

 Steven Strasburg, 24, a service desk engineer, was doing some juggling tricks with his partner in a Good Life Halfsy race, to entertain the runners, until an accident caught his attention.

A bike volunteer accidentally fell on one of the runners, distracting Steven and resulting in him being hit in the face by a knife- but was lucky enough not to injure himself seriously.

Kent Steen, 48, a curriculum specialist, filmed the video on October 2017 in Lincoln, USA.

He said: “The Lincoln City Juggling Club was providing entertainment for the runners-we do a variety of juggling to make it fun for the runners as they go by. 

“Like many people, the bike volunteer was amazed at the juggling and as he enters the video, he is obviously not paying attention to the runners he is supposed to be helping protect.

“He bikes directly into the back of a female runner, knocking her down and crashing his bike- at that moment, Steven notices this accident, and instinctively glances over to take a look, however, glancing away while juggling knives is never a good idea.

“Steven is quickly reminded of this as the knife hits him directly in the nose.

“Once Steven was hit, I immediately stopped shooting the video to make sure that he was okay-  I had no idea that I had captured the entire wild chain of events in the video. 

“The runner actually got up, was fine, and continued the race- the bike volunteer (also uninjured) was horrified, of course, especially after I showed him the video. 

Steven that luckily got slightly injured, said:

“Despite getting hit in the face my mind was still focused on the accident I just witnessed, not knowing that I was victim to an accident myself.

“Once I saw the runner and cyclist were ok, I touched my nose to see some blood, touched again to see much more blood.- soon I was kneeling on the ground with my head hunched over, drizzling blood on the grass as I’m searching my juggling bag for a towel. 

“Once I got my face cleaned up I flipped the phone on my camera to see that I gotten away with only a small cut on my nostril.

“Thankfully the blades are blunt so I only had a small cut on my right nostril, all the blood was the result of the impact -I was even able to continue juggling at another gig I had planned out for that day.