Video Viral

By Ben Walley

Shocking footage shows a mini tornado sweeping tents into the air at a music festival – much to everyone’s amusement.

Diana Thum, of Nordlingen, Germany, recently attended Pariikaville Festival, Weeze and was fascinated when a natural phenomenon took control and swept tents into mid air. 

Diana said: “I think it was something like a weak tornado or a dust devil that came out of nowhere” describes Thum.

“The wind was so strong it swept a lot tents and everything that wasn’t nailed down. The tornado sucked up everything and blowed it away.”

She said that everybody entertained by what was happening yet also optimistic about the chances of not being hit by a tent pole.

She added: “It looked unreal and kind of funny. It was a spectacular sight that lasted for five minutes and everybody was just standing there astonished, either filming, laughing or holding their own tent.”