Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen

A huge cyst that was popped on camera after it had been growing for six months on a man’s leg has gone viral. 

Mitchel Vellinga of Salt Lake City, Utah, US, was in for a surprise when family friend Nick visited his parents’ house in Las Vegas. 

Nick – whose painful cyst left him struggling to walk – was soon popped by Mitchel’s mum. 

The moment which was caught on camera has since gone viral. 

Mitchel added: “It was hard for him to walk. He trusts my mom, so he asked her if she would just help him pop it.

“We didn’t have anything sharp besides a box cutter, so we dunked it in rubbing alcohol and hoped for the best.

“I know the procedure wasn’t the ideal, but it was what we had to relieve him of his pain.”

Mitchel said there was no foul smell but it did take some time to clear up. 

He said: “There was just a lot of bloody pus. It took about ten mins and then 5 to clean it up.

“We cleaned it up with alcohol, anti-bacterial and applied some cotton wool.”

Since the procedure, the cyst has not returned and Mitchel described the experience as ‘crazy’ and never originally thought about posting the clip online.

Mitchel added: “It was an exciting experience and I would totally do it again.”