By Charlotte Nisbet

A serial dater has earned over £40,000 by enjoying lavish dates with complete strangers despite having a boyfriend.

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Sheen Hunter, 29, charges over £200 to enjoy lavish meals with people she has met online after becoming single two years ago.

She has attended over 100 dates and states that her time is so valuable that each person is only given a two hour slot.

Sheen, who is also an actress, claims the dates – which she enjoys with both men and women – do not involve sex and that she makes this clear before the dates are arranged.

After coming across the dating site What’s Your Price – Sheen from Seattle, Washington, aims to go on around one date per week.

Sheen has been taken on lavish dates all over the US as well as Mexico and Costa Rica and has received around £20,000 in gifts.

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She added: “I have earned around £40,000 in total as I have enjoyed over 100 dates and have been given expensive gifts such as fur coats, gold jewellery, clothes as well as all my travel expenses.

“My current boyfriend, Michael Macdonald, 28, doesn’t mind that I go on dates with strangers as he knows I’m not looking for a new relationship.

“I love dating people for money, it’s so sociable and it pays the bills.

“I discovered the website What’s Your Price two years ago and have since enjoyed over 100 dates.

“I don’t tend to spend more than two hours with each man or woman and will charge up to $300 (£230) per date.

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“I have been to some amazing places, including New York, LA, San Francisco, Florida, Minnesota, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada.

“It’s really fun and love enjoying new experiences, I have dated people from Saudi Arabia, England, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Russia.

“I tend to go on less dates now I’m in a relationship with Michael but I still try and squeeze a few dates in each month.”

Before using What’s Your Price Sheen says she’d never used a dating website.

She added: “I’d never used one before but when I realised I could earn money while dating I was using it all the time.

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“I would definitely recommend others trying it if they want to earn some extra cash for enjoying lavish dinner dates.

“I’ve had a great two years using the dating site and will continue to organise dates in the future.

“My current boyfriend says, ‘I know your process. I’m alright with it as it’s basically just a job and way to make new friends. As long as you’re safe and keep it the way you have, I’ll support you.'”