Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

Even toddlers are getting fed up with the Baby Shark song as this grumpy boy expressed his angry feelings.

Colin Monroe bursts into tears of hatred as soon as he heard the popular kid’s song, something parents everywhere can probably relate to as they hear it on repeat continuously.

Some may say that the 18-month-old’s mum, Crystal Bass-Monroe is extremely lucky she does not have to endure the song every hour of every day.

The 36-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee believes she has got off lightly compared to others.

Crystal said: “If he liked it and we ended up listening to it every day I probably would start hearing it in my sleep, so he may be saving me from myself.

“I was fully expecting him to make up a dance on the spot for it but instead he just looked at me and flipped out.

“He’s heard it several times now and cried each time.”

Client solutions specialist Crystal decided to film Colin’s reaction to the first time of hearing it as she thought he would like the song.

She said: “He really likes the themes to Daniel Tiger and Duck Tails and dances for them with me. 

“I had been hearing about Baby Shark being popular and was wondering why I kept seeing people post about it being stuck in their head.

“Colin likes music and dancing to quick little bubbly songs, so I checked it out and decided I would show it to him.”

Crystal is clueless as to why the reaction is such a bad one.

She said: “We have no idea why Colin hates it so much. 

“He likes so many other little poppy kid songs but there must something about this one.

“As soon as Baby Shark comes on the screen and the lyrics start he just balls his wee eyes out.

“He will not stop crying until is stopped and turned off the screen.”