Amazing Video

By Hannah Crocker

This hilarious video showing the moment a stunned toddler sees a lorry for the first time will bring a smile to your face.

Cute Ellen Willis, two, is having a whale of a time playing with her dad Daniel, 30, as they sit at a bench in a pub garden.

But as a big white truck roars past, little Ellen suddenly stops what she is doing and becomes transfixed with the huge vehicle.

Her mum Sally, 27, who is also mum to Charlie, five, filmed the funny footage and said she couldn’t believe Ellen’s reaction.

Sally, from Christchurch, Dorset, said: “It was a lovely sunny evening, and we were sitting in a pub garden after grabbing dinner.

“To keep Ellen occupied and happy, Dan was playing with her on the bench – being the daredevil that she is, she decided she wanted to try jumping off the table into Dan’s arms, like trust exercises.

“I was just filming her, laughing and squawking away, and happened to be filming at the perfect time.

“One minute she was giggling and the next minute she’d just frozen dead on the spot, with her mouth wide open.

“A lorry had driven past, and her face was a picture – I was crying with laughter, I’ve never seen her react like that to anything.

“The beer garden is quite close to the road, so she had a good view of the lorry – she might’ve seen one passing before from inside the car, but I don’t think she’s ever been in a position to have a full view of a lorry before.

“I don’t know what about it caught her eye, other than the fact it was quite loud going down the hill.

“It was a pretty massive lorry, so she got a good long look at it.

“She’s clearly a fan of lorries, so I’m thinking about taking her to see the Eddie Stobart ones.

“Maybe she’ll even end up becoming a lorry driver when she’s older!”