Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

This is the hilarious moment a gran of 10 freaked out on her first virtual reality rollercoaster ride, leading her husband to tell her off for shouting.

As Steve Browne visited his parents’ house in New Malden, Surrey, on August 24 he passed mum Jenny, his Oculus Go headset.

Running the game ‘Epic Roller Coasters’, pretty quickly the 72-year-old started to freak out, shouting how much she hates ‘the edges’.

Despite being told by her husband to shut up out of shot, Jenny carries on shouting at the top her voice until the ride stops after 90 seconds.

Steve said: “I thought mum’s reaction was hysterical.

“I’ve tried the rollercoaster app on a few people, and some like it, some don’t like it at all and others react with a bit of a nervous laugh. 

“My mum’s reaction was the most extreme I’ve ever seen.

“She hasn’t used it since as we were on a flying visit for a birthday celebration, but she spent the rest of the day telling everyone that it was amazing

“Mum thinks they should get one for Christmas, so I just have to find an app that has lots of ‘edges’ so she can face her fears.

“And maybe some ear defenders for everyone else.”