Life Video

By Jos Weale

A ‘full-of-beans’ pensioner who insists on always looking on the bright side of life has created a stage-by-stage ‘comedic’ video showing her hair FALLING OUT from chemotherapy.

Lively Anita Sancha, who battled stage three breast cancer last year, filmed her gradual hair loss – even capturing it falling out in clumps in her hands in a slap-stick manner.


The brave film maker, 67, wears a variety of outfits and pulls out chunks of her hair to the Monty Python anthem ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’, before finally showing herself completely bald.

And now, despite having been diagnosed with a brain tumour just LAST WEEK, Anita believes that it’s essential that people learn to ‘laugh at life’.

Arty Anita even posed for a silly picture while receiving radiotherapy at Hereford County Hospital – with grapefruit halves placed on her breasts.


Anita, from Hereford, Herefordshire, said: “You don’t want to do a video just of crying. Who’s going to watch a video of me crying?

“We’ve got to laugh at this life. So I’ve found outfits and things that make me laugh for the video.

“From any artist’s point of view it’s a story. It comes from my core feeling. All of these emotions come together.

“I’m absolutely full of beans. You take life and you live for the moment.

“You have to face your tears and the crying. I have a huge desire to live and enjoy life.

“I thought, ‘I have this bedroom with the green screen in, I can make a video of this.”


Anita claims she wasn’t upset at the thought of losing her hair as she embarked on six rounds of chemotherapy between January and April 2016.

The divorced mum-of-three says she has endeavoured to keep her humour and spirits up since her cancer diagnosis in December.

And with a studio she has branded Pea Shoot Media set up in her bedroom, the keen filmmaker uses her artistic nature to explore her cancer journey.

Anita said: “I really didn’t like chemo. I lost six pounds in the first five days.

“But I really didn’t care about losing my hair. I usually wore hats.

“Before the video I was fund raising in the street for Breast Cancer Haven dressed up as one of my characters that’s in the video – Sweet Silly Sue.


“I asked people to cut off bits of my hair for charity, but they couldn’t bring themselves to do it. The only people who would were children.

“So she is the first character in the video where I cut off my own hair.”

“Maybe the video is to help people not to be fearful.

“I can film on the iPad too and just talk about how I’m feeling.”

After being given the all-clear in December 2016, bubbly Anita says she began experiencing eye sight problems this month, which led to a doctor’s appointment.


She was shocked to discover that less than three months after conquering breast cancer she is now facing a life-threatening three-centimetre brain tumour.

But the high-spirited artist is determined to keep on going.

Anita said: “I’m on a lot of steroids but I’m not in any pain.

“This is giving me something to do.  Everybody just lets me get on with it, they are very supportive.

“The biggest thing about being ill is to let people help me.

“I’m having this journey in this life which is very magical and beautiful.

“I find it hard to believe I’m as ill as they say.

“I look amazingly well, I don’t even feel ill apart from the eyesight issues.

“This is not going to kill me. It may do eventually, but I’m determined not to let it stop me.”