By Mikey Jones

These stunning images show an owl taking flight in the style of a torpedo.

The photos were captured over a period of a few weeks, and demonstrate how the owls spread their wings and then draw them backwards to imitate the shape of a torpedo.

Pic by Terry Cavner/Caters News 

Pic by Terry Cavner/Caters News

Pic by Terry Cavner/Caters News

Taken in Druridge in Northumberland, by Terry Cavner, the 66-year-old said as well as adult owls there were three owlets present in the area too.

Terry said: “I spend a lot of my time in that area and have a lot of friends who are photographers and we meet up regularly.

“There were adult Little Owls as well as three owlets; it is also a great area for Barn Owls and there is usually plenty of action early morning.”