Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This first-time father showcased his incredible transformation online, after the birth of his son caused him to ditch his fitness routine and binge on take-aways FIVE TIMES a week. 

Business owner Sion Monty used to work-out every day – but the birth of his son, in July 2017, saw his affinity for fitness go “out the back door.” 


Struggling to balance his working life and fatherhood, Sion, 30, of Porthmadog, Gwynedd, quickly piled on an incredible four stone (60lbs) in just six months. 

However, after being shocked at his appearance in a photograph during a family trip to a theme park, Sion made a promise to be a positive, healthy role model for his son, Tedi – and so he hit the gym. 

Beginning his health kick in January, when he weighed 16 stone (224 pounds), Sion sought to shed the pounds by exercising six times a week.

Determined Sion has even incorporated his newborn into his workouts by sprinting as he pushed Tedi in his pram.

Trimming down to an impressive 12st 10lbs, Sion now has the body of his dreams – and he’ll be using his new-found confidence to flaunt his abs at men’s physique competitions in the months to come. 


Sion, who owns multiple businesses, including his own gym, said: “You can imagine how mortified I was with my weight gain due to the line of work I’m in – but this just shows it can happen to anyone. 

“Thinking back I was naive to think I would still be able to do this [work out as much as before] and be a parent at the same time.

“Oh, how wrong I was. 

“It takes time to adjust to life as a parent and it was during this period where I managed to pile on the pounds. 

“Tedi suffers with acid reflux, and as he never slept, neither did I. 

“With no energy or time for anything other than my son and providing for my girlfriend, Kara, we started eating up to five takeaways a week. 


“My family came first, then my businesses, and soon going to the gym and fitness went out the back door.

“I didn’t want to be a fat father; I didn’t want my son to look back at photos with an overweight dad in. 

“How I presented myself could potentially influence him to follow the same path in the future. 

“This motivated me to get back in shape and in good health for my family. 


“I’ve now lost 45lbs and now both my confidence and energy levels are up. 

“I’m so proud with how far I’ve come in six months, and can only thank my girlfriend and son for being the motivation behind it all. 

“What I’m most proud of is all the kind words from dads all over the world who have message me over social media, telling me I’ve inspired them to start their own fitness journeys.”