Video Viral

By Katy Gill

They’ve got that Friday feeling – happy African kids have been caught dancing away their troubles in a series of uplifting music videos.

The kids, aged from one to 16 years old, have formed a group called Masaka Kids Africana from Uganda.

The group was formed four years ago by Sir Ssuuna Hassan to support orphaned children and their well-being.

A spokesperson for Masaka Kids Africana, said: “The children melt the hearts of audiences with their charming smiles and delightful African tunes.

“In spite of the tragedy of losing parents, the children are radiant with hope, musically gifted and wonderfully entertaining.

“Through dance and song and sharing their love of Uganda, these children connect to each other and they can now see their own potential and they have hope for their future.

The aim of the dance group – which is run by volunteers – is to raise awareness of the need of orphaned children in Africa, and to raise funds for continued development and support of the Masaka Kids Africana Programs.

A volunteer added: “The children enjoy the dance! When they dance, their faces beam with hope and not sorrow.

“Masaka Kids Africana would not exist without the community of volunteers who have helped to train the kids different dance moves and songs and also taking care of the well-being of the children.

“What they share is a passion to make a difference for the children.”