Amazing Video

By Katy Gill

This incredibly intelligent four-year-old showcased the depths of her talents by successfully memorising 36 of the world’s most famous landmarks in just over an hour, according to her mother.

Zia Purohit left her mother, Sheela, feeling shocked yet proud when she was able to identify the likes of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, having apparently only been given a short period of time to learn them from flash cards.

In the video, taken in her family home in Greenville, North Carolina, USA, Sheela lays the cards down in front of brainy Zia, who then relays their names straight back to her.

The majority of children can identify most letters in the alphabet at Zia’s age, and the determined youngster hopes to take her landmark-naming skills further, memorising more locations.

The mum-of-one said: “I was very surprised when she was able to learn all 36 of them in such a short amount of time – we now pretend her dolls are traveling to all these amazing places to see the landmarks.

“I feel incredibly proud and happy and the best part is even at this young age, she knows how to balance learning and playtime – when it’s time to play, it’s only play.

“Academically, Zia’s teachers believe that she is advanced and is doing great.

“She loves to read, anything to do with outer space is her favorite topic to read on or talk about.

“Zia feels great about this but is not satisfied – she wants to learn more and more, and we are working on it.”