By Kristiana Hall

They’re usually seen above ground but these eerie images show an army tank which has been almost perfectly preserved UNDERWATER for 20 years.

The machine, an M42 anti-aircraft tank, was sunk by the Jordanian Royal Ecological Society in Tala Bay Jordan and has since become a go-to site for snorkelers and scuba divers.

PIC FROM Alex Dawson / Caters News

These extraordinary shots were taken by photographer, Alex Dawson.

The 44-year-old from Stockholm in Sweden said: “This image was planned already back in Sweden.

“It was taken during a trip to Aqaba, Jordan earlier this year.

“I took a similar image 16 years ago on my first press trip assignment but during daytime, so my plan was to do it at night time and paint with underwater lights.

“Me and my dive buddy Fredrik asked the rest of the boat if we could have a five minute earlier start before the rest of the divers came down to the wreck.

“I placed the lights behind the tank and attached my floater with additional lights so that it would give a perfect shadow on the bottom from the two gun barrels.

“After that Fredrik positioned himself where we had agreed and boom after five shots we got it.

PIC FROM Alex Dawson / Caters News

“Shortly after there were 10 photographers and other divers all over the tank.

“Later that night when I uploaded the image to my computer and saw the result I was extremely proud and happy that the outcome was even better than I could have imagined.”