Offbeat Video

By Junior Sousa

This astonishing footage shows the horrific amount of waste washed up on the beautiful Medano beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, following a small storm.

Shot by Mario Sorris, 23, the amount of rubbish on the shoreline is upsetting and shocking and shows just how devastating the consequences of littering can be.

Mario said: “Me and my cousin Karina went to check the sea after a little storm and when we arrived the beach was contaminated and full of garbage.

“The garbage gets washed up like this because people throw it on the floor and when it rains the water transports all of that into the sea.

“After seeing so much rubbish we started to gather all of it immediately but we were not prepared so we couldn’t do as much as we wanted.”

Mario posted the video on his Facebook page to ask others to come and help him clear up the mess.

He said: “The next day we gathered all the equipment to clean, we were ready this time, it was a very heavy for us but we gathered a lot of people to help and cleaned up the beach easily.”

Mario said that this happens due to lack of education regarding the environment and more needs to be done to tackle these issues.