Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

This amazing video shows hundreds of plankton swimming around as part of an amazing science experiment.

Captured by scientist Aidan Long on the West Coast of Ireland, the video shows the plankton swimming through a sieve in a chemical reaction before changing colour.

Adam pours them out through a bucket before a reaction takes place.

He said: “As soon as I pour the bucket contents onto the sieve below, the plankton present get a shock due to a change in their surroundings – oxygen, water, salinity, temperature and pressure which all cause a stress response in many of the plankton.

“Some respond to stress by rubbing or flicking special bacteria-filled nodules on their body that glow when physically stimulated – a phenomenon known as bioluminescence.

“These dazzling shots of light are an escape tactic for some plankton that confuse predators and let nearby plankton know there are predators nearby. Bioluminescence is also used for several other mechanisms in plankton and larger organisms like fish.”