Animals Video

By Charlotte Regen

This cute video captures the look of love between a kangaroo called Joe, and his human friend, Sayo, as the adorable marsupial licks and fawns at its carers face.

Taken in Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary in Batemans Bay, Australia, the young roo clearly loves to interact with humans and won’t leave his pal alone.

Laurae Harvey, who captured the affectionate exchange, said that 19 month old Joe behaves in this way all the time.

She said: “Joe loves a chat and a lick. He grew up with a well-meaning family who raised him without the specialised training they required.

“Because of that, Joe is still learning to be a normal kangaroo and loves to interact with humans.

“He doesn’t head into the bush in the morning with the other kangaroos, but he does socialise and eat with them at night.

“In time, Joe will become part of the mob that live here and will become a normal kangaroo… we hope!”