Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall

Seven puppies have been rescued by a passer-by after being left to die in scorching summer temperatures.

Sebastian Bushey, 28, was in disbelief when he found not one but seven abandoned puppies lying near the road on his way home from work.

The construction worker from Washington, US, quickly began filming the moment he called the puppies over to him.

PIC FROM Sebastian Bushey / Caters News

After gathering all seven puppies in his truck on July 26, Sebastian took them to a vet centre so they could get the care they desperately needed.

They are now doing amazingly well, and will be ready to be adopted from August 14.

Sebastian said: “I was in disbelief that I found not one, but seven puppies in the middle of nowhere, just left to die in the 105 degree heat.

“I was driving home when I seen one puppy about 75 yards off the road near the water.

PIC FROM Sebastian Bushey / Caters News

“When I called the first puppy that’s when six other puppies came out of a small bush in the grass.

“The puppies seemed very timid and nervous to come towards me because the bush was the only shade they had around them.

“They seemed very dehydrated. I got them to my truck and got them bottles of water and dog food.

“I took them to my local animal shelter where they were treated for dehydration and sprayed for fleas.

“Since then, the puppies have been given love and are happy.

“They all have been named a word that means ‘river’ since I found them next to the Grand Ronde River in Washington state.

“They are doing well and will be available to be adopted on August 14 from the Lewis Clark animal shelter in Lewiston, Idaho.”