Video Viral

By Randall Coombs

This heart-stopping video shows the moment a car nearly crashed into a house in the US at high speed – missing the house by inches.

Captured on a security camera outside the house of Sam Rutzick.

He said the vehicle missed his house by inches but did cause some minor damage to a neighbour’s home.

“It hit my neighbour’s mailbox, missing my house and tree, and smashing into my other neighbor’s house.

“The police believe it was a medical issue, but can’t say for sure until the tests are done at the hospital. It’s unclear if drink or drugs were involved.”

Sam said that a number of neighbouring houses weren’t so lucky as his though.

“The car destroyed a neighbour’s retaining wall and smashed into his home, causing some external damage. It even moved the house on its foundation about 1/4 inch.

The driver, remarkably, was unscathed.

“The driver survived and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. No other people were injured.”