By Sophie Norris

Horrified tourists have slammed travel agent TUI after reportedly being taken to a ‘creepy’ rehab facility overnight when their flight was cancelled.

Mum-of-two Hayley Whybrow, 37, claims she and her family were bussed for half an hour outside of the Turkish city Antalya to a dark ‘hotel’ without signs, in scenes reminiscent of the horror film ‘The Shining’.


Spooked by the surroundings, she and the 20 other people who had their flight to London Stansted Airport cancelled started ‘shouting and screaming’.

Hayley demanded she and her family be allowed back on the bus to spend the night at the airport rather than the Ayka Vital Park, outside of Antalya.

Researching the accommodation she later discovered it was a clinic and rehabilitation centre, which also runs programmes for drug and alcohol addicts.


Hayley claims she and her partner Sean Krikor, 37, were told by other guests who stayed they had IV tubes in their rooms and spotted medical equipment scattered around the building.

Mum-of-two Hayley Whybrow, 37, who had been on holiday in Antalya with her family, claims she was taken to the Ayka Vital Park along with 20 others at around 3am on July 28.

On the resort’s website it refers to itself as a ‘healthy lifestyle and clinical hotel’, which provides addict rehabilitation, physiotherapy and family counselling, among other services.


A spokesperson for TUI confirmed the accommodation had been sourced a short notice and that this is a rare event.

They also said the company would be in contact with Hayley.

Hayley, from Marks Tey, Essex, said: “It was like being in a nightmare.

“It was chaos. There were people screaming and shouting.

“My daughter started having a panic attack because she was so scared. I was crying.


“The place was very creepy. It was like something out of The Shining.”

Hayley had been due to fly at 00.55am on Saturday, July 28, when she was informed her flight had been cancelled.

The teaching assistant, along with partner Shaun, daughter Amy Whybrow, 19, and son Harry Whybrow, 8, were ushered onto a coach and told they were being taken to a hotel for the night.

Hayley said: “When we were coming back on Friday we got to the airport, went through check-in and were told nothing was wrong.


“Then a three-hour delay came up on the screen. We knew there were quite heavy storms, so we had prepared ourselves for that.

“We heard a tannoy announcement calling my name to the gate and when we got there at 2.30am we were told our flight had been cancelled.

“My family and around 20 other people were just led out to a coach and a man with a TUI T-shirt said they were taking us to a hotel 20 minutes out of the city.

“They didn’t tell us the name of the place or anything.


“We drove for what felt like an hour and everyone was getting worried about how long we had been driving.

“We thought ‘what kind of hotel are they taking us to?’ It was nowhere near a city – it was in the outback.”

Hayley claims when she arrived she immediately felt uncomfortable.

According to her there was a disturbance going on outside the hotel, which had no visible signage.

She refused to hand over her family’s passports and asked to be taken back to the airport.


Hayley said: “When we finally got to this hotel, there was no signage. It was just a building in the middle of nowhere.

“There was a mini riot going on and this was without knowing it was a drug and alcohol rehab centre.

“We couldn’t get to the desk to speak to anyone. It was actually really scary and we had no phone signal because it was so far out.

“People had been asked to hand in their passports, but I refused.

“There were a few people who had said ‘this isn’t good enough. We’re going back to the airport.’

“There were children in our group and it was scary for them.

“We didn’t get to the rooms, we left on the coach back to the airport.

“By the time we got back there it was 4am.”


The next day, when reunited with customers who had decided to stay at the hotel, Hayley says she and her family learned it was actually a rehabilitation facility which catered for drug addicts.

Hayley said: “It was only later when we saw people who did stay there said it was a rehab facility.

“I can’t imagine how a company like TUI can send people there.

“But when we spoke to people the next day, they said there were IV drips in the rooms and lines coming out of the walls.

“I think if I had checked in and got to the room, I would have freaked out.


“Another woman said she’d tried to find breakfast in the morning and there was someone in a wheelchair with a cannula in their hand.”

A spokesperson for TUI said: “We would like to apologise to Mrs Whybrow and her family for the delay to their flight from Antalya, Turkey to Stansted on 27th July 2018.

“This was due to the delayed inbound flight which then impacted crew hours. We sourced accommodation at short notice for those customers affected.

“We will be contacting Mrs Whybrow directly to discuss and understand her complaint in greater detail.

“We would like to reassure customers that instances such as this are rare.”