Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A playful pod of grey whales rubbed themselves against the bow of a boat before putting on blowhole bonanza for the astonished passengers.

While Zach Zorn and friends fished 15 miles off the coast of San Diego, California, USA, on March 12, they were visited by some curious marine mammals.

A group of four grey whales swam over and rubbed their massive bodies against the bow of the 75-feet-long C Bandit causing it to move.

Having scratched their itch, a couple of the gentle giants swam underneath the vessel before providing a show with their blowholes shooting water at the passengers and creating a jacuzzi effect underwater.

Zach said: “I couldn’t believe we were able to experience such a surreal moment.

“There were a couple of people on the boat who have fished the area for 30 to 40 years and they said they had never seen anything like it before.

“It really looked like the wanted to play.

“On several occasions, they would roll onto their sides and stare up at the boat like they wanted their belly rubbed.

“One of them even stuck its tail out of the water and swam around the whole boat like that.”

Zach and the crew had tried to maintain a distance from the whales as legally obliged but across two hours they kept returning to the fishing boat.

Zach said: “In total this all carried on for about two hours.

“Every time we moved the boat away the whales would swim the few hundred metres back to us and continue playing.

“It really was amazing.”